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Rockdoor Composite Doors 

'Wednesfield Trade Windows' has selected the Rockdoor series of composite doors to complement its comprehensive range - Tough, safe and energy efficient doors - with dozens of styles and glass design options. 
Ultimate Series 
The toughest, safest and most energy efficient doors available on the market today - widest selection of styles and glass design options. "This is the Ultimate composite door" 
"Not all doors are made equal" 
'Wednesfield Trade Windows' has included the Rockdoor Ultimate Series as a part of its comprehensive range. 
See how much thought, work and technology goes into something we all take for granted every day of the week in creating the UK's strongest composite door. Each step in the manufacturing process makes every Rockdoor have the style, security and strength we demand. 
Reinforcement & Thermal Efficiency 
On the face of it, Formula 1 racing cars, orbiting satellites and fighter jets would seem to have little in common. 
In fact they all rely on carbon fibre to guarantee that they’ll be able to withstand phenomenal force. 
No surprise then, that Rockdoor chose it to reinforce the Ultimate door. 
While strength matters when it comes to making sure no-one can force their way into your home, carbon fibre is also the material of choice for 'Wednesfield Trade Windows' & Rockdoor when it comes to maximising thermal effciency. 
Heat that’s lost through doors reinforced with wood or aluminium mean they can’t compete in the energy rating stakes with the Ultimate Series Rockdoor
Like your safety, your energy bills are in good hands. 
Wednesfield Trade Windows’ has been appointed a ‘Trusted Installer’ by Rockdoor. A great achievement, we are proud to be ‘trusted installers’. 
Why Buy Rockdoor........ 
S-Glaze Technology - Carbon Fibre -Reinforcing - 3-Star Cylinder - 50mm Sash - Core Reinforcing - Multi-Point Locking 
Elite Series 
Rockdoor never allow safety and peace of mind to be compromised, but understand that sometimes budgets just won’t stretch to the top of the range 
Select Series 
Simple and affordable with uncomplicated glass design options. The door of choice when energy ratings are a lower priority. 
Rockdoor - Totally Hooked on Security! 
Nearly 70% of burglaries involve forced entry through the front or back door. Rockdoor's nickel-coated solid brass hook locks slide into steel keeps that run the full length of the outer frame - Amazing. 
It means your Rockdoor can’t be forced open, it's completely safe. Rockdoor hit the headlines as the ‘Door That Beat The Bobbies’ when local police had to abandon their attempts to break through a Rockdoor with battering rams! 
Rockdoor has the highest security rating of any composite door on the market today – a security rating of 1 – can you really afford to settle for anything less? 
No Leaks - No Draughts - No Forced Entry 
S-Glaze for Thermal Effciency 
All Rockdoors feature the unique S-Glaze technology. It means the glass is locked into the door for life. No leaks. No draughts. No threat of forced entry. 
'Wednesfield Trade Windows' and Rockdoor - a partnership for you and your home. 
Please call 01902 633355 Monday to Friday 09-00-17-00 and Saturday 0800-12 noon or email us at info@wednesfieldtradewindows.co.uk or visit our NEW MODERN SHOWROOM at Unit 5, Spring Cottage, Neachells Lane, Willenhall, WV13 3RG for more information and a free no obligation quote. 
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